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My granddaughter, Peyton, got a new bunny and named it Chloe!
Great, great nephew born! Brayden Allen Christian was born on April 2, 2009. He weighed 6.1 lbs. His parents, Brant and Faith, are very proud of their first born son.
Cameron, my great nephew is graduating from high school on Saturday, May 23, 2009 in Tennesee. His grandmother, Billie, is very proud of all of his accomplishments.
Michelle Lemcke, my great niece, graduated from high school on May 17, 2009.
Kyle Young, my great, great nephew, is graduating from high school in May. His grandparents are Deanie and Sidney Sloan. Congradulations Kyle.

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About Me

My name is Mildred Calvert. I live in Louisville, Mississippi. I began my cooking career after marrying Jim Calvert. Before that time, I lived in Philadelphia, Mississippi where I was born, and I worked as a dental assistant. I loved my work, but when I married Jim, we decided to start a family. I love children more than I love cooking. I have two children, Kim and David, and I cooked for them when they were growing up. After they started their families, I continued cooking for myself and also during the holidays when all of my family would gather at my house.

I like to read recipe books, and I like to experiment with new recipes until I get them just the way I want them. I gathered together my recipes that were on index cards and gave them to my niece, Jan Lemcke. I wanted all of my favorite recipes together in one place, and I wanted to put them into a book for my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and all of my family and friends. Jan has made two recipe books for me at this time. This is a work in progress, and I have more recipes that will be added soon.